Designs available for licensing and I am very interested in collaborating to create new designs for specific licensing campaigns.

These dynamic and vibrant designs display well on a variety of products. The designs create energy and draw attention while remaining open to interpretation. Natural textures connect to the world around us and can act to ground the campaign in natural themes: environmentalism, sustainability, travel, camping, adventure sports, new age, and more. Vibrant colors and bold combinations elevate the designs above the traditional “green” of green mission environmental products without losing touch. Without relying on social context, character or media, these designs can stand alone to leverage meaning as needed.

Campaign profiles:

  • Young adult, adventure sports, sustainability, conscious consumer.
  • Design-forward, bold, confident, independent professional.
  • Centered, socially-conscious, culture leader and influencer.
  • Fun-loving, splashy, young, entertainment focused or seasonal.

Inspiration Look Book – have a look through examples of these designs on a variety of products from personal style to home statement pieces in .pdf format.

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