Every place has a unique texture, and that texture informs the character. It is though the layering of textures that we experience the world around us, identify where we are, and how we feel. The textures that we surround ourselves with and choose to carry with us help tell the story of who we are.

Transposing forms and textures from nature is a way to celebrate the details around us while remaining grounded. Connection to natural forms allow the designs to move beyond traditional colors. Organic ties do not require the traditional green and brown aesthetic. Rather we see the world around us with new eyes when it comes alive with vibrant hues.

My photography and design aesthetic are informed by my background in illustration and graphic design, where the strong workings of gestalt are brought to life as only nature can produce. My inspiration comes in the form of images that do not have a single focus, rather a grouping or pattern of elements that form an emergent subject. The subject of the image exists only within the collective efforts of the composite parts.

In terms of craft, the images are layered similar to analogue print-making, one color and texture at a time, anchoring the process in a tactile tradition.

Like nature, these images celebrate a myriad of tiny details that interact on each other differently depending on how closely one is willing to look.


Andy is married to a nature-loving French professor and has three children. He currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska but travels regularly to Minnesota for his work. He and his wife are both marathon runners who are working on the 50 state challenge. More recently he has begun to shift more running time to trail running and enjoys combining this part of his life with his connection to nature. Travel has been a keystone for him since childhood and he regularly finds ways to explore both in the States and abroad. Some of the most beloved locations include Mt. Desert Island in Maine, any of the National Parks, as well as a variety of locations throughout Germany and France.

  • location: Lincoln, NE
  • email: peterson.at@gmail.com

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